18 February 2022 · Our Customers

Hino keeps WA businesses moving

Ben Edmonds of BL’s Bobcat and Mechanical Services in Dongara WA

Quality, Durability, and Reliability (QDR). Three simple words that are the guiding principles on the design and manufacture of all Hino trucks. These words also help us shape the relationships and trust we build and maintain with our customers.

It’s also something our customers rely on when they need to meet the needs of their own customers.

We chat to Ben Edmonds of BL’s Bobcat and Mechanical Services in Dongara WA, who services and fixes a range of machinery including agricultural, transport, and mining equipment. With many of his customers in remote and hard to reach areas of WA, he’s thankful for the QDR of his Hino 300 Series 817 4x4, which gets him to those who need his skills and expertise, no matter where they are.

How long has your business been operating for and where?

I am a sole trader operating in the Mid-West region of WA since July 2016. Located in Dongara, I locally service all agricultural machinery, road transport equipment and even cars. I also travel out to farms at Morawa and Mingenew.

Although you’re a sole trader, do you have any offsiders to help you out? Or do most of your jobs only need one person?

Occasionally I’ll have help from the farmers, or workmen onsite. But I generally do most work myself. After doing it for so many years I’ve developed a knack for working out ways to get a job done on my own.

How did you get into servicing agricultural machinery and road transport equipment?

I grew up on a family farm in the town of Calingiri, so I was surrounded by all kinds of agricultural machinery. When I was old enough, I undertook an agricultural mechanic apprenticeship. Then I moved onto road transport, then underground mining mechanic, and now I’m back working on agriculture machines and equipment again. I’ve pretty much come full circle.

What’s the largest piece of machinery you’ve had to work on?

The biggest machines I’ve worked on are Case International Harvesters and four-wheel drive tractors. A lot of the work on them involves pre-season repairs, maintenance and servicing, as well as engine rebuilds for some of the older and more used machinery.

When did you purchase your Hino and which dealership did you get it from?

I purchased my 300 Series 817 Crew Cab 4x4 truck from WA Hino new last year. They listened to what I was after and went through all the pros and cons of other truck makes so we could compare them properly. I didn’t feel rushed to make a decision, and they answered all my questions and concerns. They understood my needs and recommended a truck to meet them.

What drove your decision to purchase a Hino for your business?

I believed it was the best choice for me because of the load carrying capacity and the versatility of the 4x4. And the legendary reliability of Hino trucks. I head off road quite often to keep my customers moving. Also, the Crew Cab means I can fit my whole family of 5 in with ease, for work or play.

How was business during the 2020/21 COVID outbreak? Did you need to make any adjustments to how you operate to survive through the pandemic?

For me it was pretty much business as usual during COVID. Farmers still needed their machinery to operate, and they still needed me to maintain them. I was one of the more fortunate ones during that time.

What is it you love about WA? Or more specifically Dongara?

I love the isolated feel of WA and of course, the people. Dongara is a great place to live with all the beautiful beaches and seafood on offer. It’s a place that’s never short of a good place for some peace and quiet…or a good feed.

On the subject of seafood, we understand Dongara is known as the ‘rock lobster’ capital of Australia. Is there any other seafood that flies under the radar?

Dongara is also a great place to catch Blue Swimmer Crabs, Western Australian Dhufish, Snapper, Baldchin Groper etc. It’s a seafood lover’s paradise.

Is this 300 Series your first Hino truck? If so, what features, or functionality would encourage you to get another one?

This is my first Hino I have owned and won’t be the last. As to what feature or features I can’t live without, it would have to be the four-wheel drive (considering the locations I must travel to), and the cruise control. Which is really great for the long trips.

Has there ever been a situation where your 300 Series has gotten you out of a jam? How did it help?

I had to fix a Caterpillar dozer over the back of some sand dunes one time. Not easy territory to navigate or drive through. I just let the front tyres down a bit and the truck powered through the sand without a problem.

Lastly, if a friend was looking for a truck, what would you tell them was the biggest benefit of having a 300 Series?

I’d have to say the large cab space and load carrying capacity. While I love all the features in the 300 Series, given the type of work I do, and in the locations I need to visit, having a large cab and load carrying capacity have made things a lot easier for me and my work.

You can get in contact with Bob at:

Ph: 0427 272 675

Email: benedmonds2@bigpond.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/benedmonds2/

No matter where you live or work, QDR is a necessity when it comes to running your business and meeting the needs of your customers. It’s also the basis of everything we do at Hino.

If you’d like to share your story about how your Hino is helping your business, and your customers, feel free to reach out to us via our Hino Heroes page.