For Superior Business Intel and Support, Get Connected with Hino-Connect

Hino Connect


Get connected to the only business telematics that combines; key performance data tracking in real-time, remote diagnosis of vehicle faults and 24/7 alerts delivered to you and your Hino-Connect specialist for enhanced repair and service support. It is the total business intelligence solution designed to reduce costs, optimise driver and vehicle performance, improve safety and help you make informed decisions.

Hino-Connect is now active on all new 500 and 700 Series models. If you do not want Hino-Connect to remain active in your Hino, you can opt-out anytime and disable all monitoring and data collection.

Business Intelligence


Tracking key performance data in real-time

Hino-Connect is next generation telematics that makes it easier to track and improve key areas of your business including driver behaviour, fuel efficiency, driver safety and vehicle utilisation giving you full operational visibility.



Diagnosing and reporting vehicle faults, 24/7

In the unlikely event of a severe vehicle fault being detected, an alert is delivered straight to the driver as well as yourself and your Hino-Connect Specialist.

Having all this at your fingertips allows you to plan ahead, stay informed and book a Hino dealer service, should one be required.


Remote Diagnotics
Enhanced Care


Your Hino-Connect Specialist is here to help

If your truck requires a repair, you will be supported through every step of the process by your Hino-Connect Specialist.

Liaising between you and the dealer, to answer your questions, track and oversee the repair’s progress and to get the truck back on the road quickly.



The Hino-Connect app allows you to access and track key performance data and manage your fleet whilst on the go, all from the one intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Download the app.

Everything you need at your fingertips

Hino-Connect Package

Business Intelligence Access

Duration: 12 months complimentary + subscription and API extensions available#

Includes vehicle utilisation, maintenance support and API data integration for full fleet visibility.

Remote Diagnostics + Hino-Connect Specialist Support

Duration: 5 years complimentary

Includes vehicle engine control monitoring, severe fault alerts* and case management support.

Want to talk to a Hino-Connect Specialist

Call 1300 01 Hino Email Hino Connect

#To maintain full fleet visibility after the 12 months, customers can extend their subscription up to 48 months.

*Not all vehicle fault codes will be notified through the AVN or the Hino-Connect portal.